Arena Towers

Arena Towers Clash Royale

In the Clash Royale, every player’s arena has 3 towers which are called Crown Towers (include King Tower and Arena Towers) as when the opponent destroys your towers he gets 1 crown per tower . King tower is the tower in the center and Arena towers are present on both sides of King Tower.

Arena Towers Clash Royale

  • Every player has a pair of Arena Towers, each on the left and right side of the King Tower.
  • Each Arena Tower is 3 tiles from the side of the Arena and 4 tiles from the back (the Arena is 18 tiles wide, 29 tiles long).
  • Destroying an opposing Arena Tower awards you a Crown, and grants you territory which cards can be cast upon.
  • The level of your Towers is equivalent to your King Level.
  • The Arena Tower’s hitpoints and damage are increased by +8% per level.
  • The Arena Tower is a ranged tower that deals damage to opposing troops and can attack both air and ground units.
  • Arena Towers, along with the King’s Tower, receive 60% reduced damage from spells.
  • The Arena Towers are classified as a building and will be directly targeted by Giants, Balloons, Hog Riders,  and Golems.
  • The Arena Towers attack speed can be increased by the Rage Spell.

  • The Arena Tower resembles the Archer Tower in Clash of Clans.
  • According to one of the Loading Screen Hints in-game, the Arena Towers are guarded by the Kings Princesses.

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