Arrows vs Zap


Once youve reached Arena 5 Spell Valley, you can get a new spell card with just 2 elixirs. It is called Zap. The question here is, which is better? The Zap spell that is cheaper than Arrows? Or will you choose the Arrows spell that costs one more elixir but deals more damage and bigger radius?

We will compare the two spells for you so youll know what youll get from each of them.

Arrows Spell

Clash Royale Arrows

You can get the Arrows spell at the start of the game, Training Camp. By then you can gain a lot of Arrows from chests since its a common card.

Since its in almost every chest, you can easily ask your clanmates to donate some and do upgrades.

At level 13, where it is at its max level, Arrows have 355 Area Damage and 142 Crown Damage aside from its 4 radii.

Zap Spell

Clash Royale Zap

Lightning zaps enemies, dealing damage inside a small radius. Reduced damage to Crown Towers

You can get the Zap spell once youve reached Arena 5 Spell Valley. Of course, by then your Arrows are already level 7 or 8 thanks to your generous clanmates and chests youve opened along the way, but dont get discouraged though, the Zap spell is also a common card and youll earn enough cards as you battle your way through the arena. Since this spell is only available from Arena 5 and up, you can only receive a card from your friends on the same or higher arena thus making it kind of hard to upgrade.

Level 13 is also the max level of this spell card. It has 247 Area Damage and 99 Crown Damage aside from its 2 radii. Think of it like a Fireball hitting your enemy, thats how big its radius is.

An air and ground spell that only costs 2 elixirs, the Zap spell can do lesser damage but its edge is the stunning power it provides to your opponents troop. It can put a stop to any incoming troops for a couple of seconds. And we know that those extra seconds could be the difference between victory and defeat.

The Winner

The winner here really depends on you!

If you want to have a spell that can knock out a swarm of incoming low HP troops and can do a big AoE damage, the Arrows spell will be your sure bet. For sure you wont mind on that additional 1 elixir if youre up against a Minion Horde (5), Spear Goblins (2),Goblins (2), Skeleton Army (4), which is a total of 13 elixirs against your Arrows (3)!

But if you want to have a cheaper alternative, Zap spell is the way to go. It can also destroy the said low HP troops if they are all bundled together, since the Zap spell has the same radius as the Fireball. Aside from that, if they survived the Zap, they will be stunned that can be an easy target to your Tower Archer. It can also stun high HP troops surging towards your tower.

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