Barbarians Clash Royale Barbarians

A horde of swordsmen with mean mustaches and even meaner tempers.

Clash Royale Barbarians

  • The Barbarians are unlockable from Arena 3 (the Barbarian Bowl).
  • It summons 4 single target, melee Barbarians with moderate hitpoints.
  • Barbarians wield long swords, and have blonde hair and amazing ‘staches.

  • Barbarians are effective for tanking and dealing damage.
  • Barbarians are a great option to use against enemy cards and Crown Towers, as the spawned troops have a moderate amount of hitpoints and damage, and are perfect in attacks in conjunction with ranged support troops like Archers or Musketeers.
  • They are excellent for taking out individual enemy troops on your side. The 4 Barbarians will quickly eliminate the target if they are dropped directly on top of it.
  • They are also a good alternative to dealing with Princes or Hog Riders .
  • Barbarians can be effectively countered by the Witch and Wizard, since Barbarians have moderate hitpoints and a slow movement speed, with the Witch and Wizard dealing moderate to high area damage.
    • Another counter is the Bomber/Bomb Tower. They both deal good area damage, and have good price. They each take exactly three hits to kill same level barbarians.
  • A powerful counter is the Fireball; the damage and radius of the spell is more than enough to lower all 4 Barbarians’ hitpoints by at least 75% if the spell is cast correctly, and can even destroy them completely in one hit if the Fireball is of higher level than the Barbarians. Afterwards, if the Barbarians’ health is lowered, you can easily finish them off with arrows, or minions.
    • The Poison can also be an effective counter to use. Its Damage Over Time will eliminate, or deal high damage to, the Barbarians and any supporting troops.
  • Fire Spirits can do severe damage to the Barbarians, and is also very cost effective. Note that they alone will usually be unable to eliminate an entire group of Barbarians, however, so finish it off with other troops or allow your Crown Towers to finish them off.
  • They have very high damage and hitpoints added together, but a squad of Fire Spirits can destroy most of them, and a Fireball or Bomber can wreck havoc.
  • The ultimate defense for troops that doesn’t deal area damage.
  • They can destroy a crown tower in a very short time if left alone.

Barbarians Statistics

Clash Royale Barbarians Statistics

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