Basic Clash Royale Tips

There are some basic tips of Clash Royale Game I found them through a comment posted by one of my valuable readers. Since the tips are really helpful, I wanted to re-share with you guys.


I hope they will help you improve your skills of Clash Royale playing. Remember, tips only can give you some ideas when you are stuck on a level and can’t find the way to resolve the issue.

So take them accordingly and make sure to be perfect in playing through learning the strategies by books, online articles, and online players.

Tips to follow

Don’t be in a hurry when attacking the opponent. Instead, let him hit and be prepare for defense accordingly. For example, if your enemy uses PEKKA or Knight it’s good to deal it by having Skeleton Army in use.

If you are using Goblin Barrel for your defense and he use some arrows to hit you should use arrows right before he attacks your defense. This way you will be able to minimize the damage possible occurred after the enemies attack. Never take the hits by your opponent easy and always be prepared ahead of time to counter him.

Elixir is something that shouldn’t be wasted without extreme need. Sometimes, you may not need to deal with the troops sent by enemies. It’s your tower that helps you much then your own effort because the tower alone can take various damages itself. Always, avoid using your Elixir in just one turn. It will encourage your enemy to damage your entire base. Never let yourself down by not having a backup plan.

It’s good to have some cards, at least one in your deck as you may need to use it for stalling. Dozens of times you may see when both sides waiting for the enemies. Ideally, a good approach is to use the exilr as little as you can.

Attacks are something makes you experts for defense and this should the only thing can help you is the versatility. It’s regarded the key of success and win. However, don’t ignore the vitality of having a mix of troops to deal with various attacks and threats whenever needed. It’s very bad to use all melee troops as they can be easily taken down by Valkyries and air troops.

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