Basics of winning Clash Royale

Since the game named Clash Royale is a bit new and just came a few weeks ago, a lot of gamers have no idea how to play and fight when enjoying this famous one. Various rules need to be followed and it’s not possible until you know them completely. That’s why I thought to write this small instruction to assist you guys. In short, winning a battle would lead you to have new trophies and thus, you can unlock new arenas and cards.


The battle in Clash Royale

Tiny maps are there to facilitate players being squared off against live competition. There are six buildings allotted for players, Arena Towers, and King’s tower. Three buildings are for three players whilst Arena Towers get two buildings and one is for the king’s tower.

Upgrading cards through donations

Card upgrading progress is available through joining a Clan. Here, you are allowed to ask for donations in order to get rapid help by others. If troops aren’t in use there is no benefit to upgrading them. Wasting gold on that would be a bad idea either as donating is considered better in this regard. What use of upgrading through spending something if there is a chance of having upgrade via donations?

Also, cards are unlimited to use in this game so, no need to be worry regarding limits of the cards. Losing the battles is more likely because of having not bad cards, but instead, it could be because of placing or composition the troops badly.

What to do in this case? Well, watching the replays of experts may help as it’s the perfect and right way of fixing, learning, and avoiding the issue in the future. Losing spree is not a good thing for any person, however, it shouldn’t make you disheartened.

You should be prepared for any situation by being patient and doing the job slowly. If you notice something is going wrong in terms of strategies change them immediately. Army compositions may need to be changed and refreshed so do it accordingly.

Keep in mind the object of your playing. Your aim is adapting ways helping you destroy the others’ king’s tower along with securing all the properties you own.

This small guide is enough to make you ready for growing the win rate.

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