Troop Cards Archive

A pair of unarmored ranged attackers. They'll help you with ground and air unit attacks, but you're on your own with coloring your hair.


Clash Royale Archers The Archers are unlocked from Tutorial ( the Training Camp ). It summons 2 single target, medium range Archers with medium hitpoints. They wield a bow and bear an aqua-blue/red (color depends on side of Arena) cape and an emerald green dress. …
Clash Royale Giant


Clash Royale Giant The Giant is unlockable from Tutorial (the Training Camp). He is a single target, melee Troop with high hitpoints. The Giant solely targets buildings, such as Crown Towers. He wears a large, brown, cloth coat and has ginger sideburns and …
Clash Royale Baby Dragon

Baby Dragon

Clash Royale Baby Dragon The Baby Dragon is unlockable from Tutorial (the Training Camp). It is an area damage, short range troop with moderate hitpoints.   Receiving a Baby Dragon right after finishing the Tutorial is a big advantage for Goblin Stadium, since … Clash Royale Barbarians


Clash Royale Barbarians The Barbarians are unlockable from Arena 3 (the Barbarian Bowl). It summons 4 single target, melee Barbarians with moderate hitpoints. Barbarians wield long swords, and have blonde hair and amazing ‘staches. Barbarians are effective for tanking and dealing damage. …
Clash Royale Goblins


Clash Royale Goblins This card is unlockable from Arena 1 (the Goblin Stadium). The card spawns 3 fast, melee Goblin, effectively used as diversions, suited to the card’s low Elixir cost of 2. Goblins are effective as a distraction for high damage …