Clash Royale – Attack Strategies

Clash Royale – Attack Strategies

Attack strategies are very important in Clash Royale game. Several combinations are used in order to be successful in each level. If the opponents use Mini PEKKA, Zap, and Minion Horde they could be very deadly while using on your princes.

The reason is the usage of several effective things including fireball, poison, and arrows. Poison is very dangerous so avoid using this attack if your opponent uses poison. However, the situation would be easy if the used things are arrows and fireball on your princes, there are a lot of chances that you may win the game, so accept the congratulation.



Whatever your enemies throw against your attack, you will be able to tank your Mini Pekka even if the Zap on the attack combination is used by them.

Lone Goblin Barrel

This isn’t a stranger way used always by your enemies. If you us it properly, you may be allowed to defend well as well as performing a counter attack with a tank along with minion horde can play a vital role in defeating and pushing the enemies. Use all this carefully to avoid being pushed or defeated contrarily.

Mini Pekka/Valkyrie and Goblins

The idea is similar as a Hog Rider Deck. You are free to use this mini counter attack especially if your opponents place the expensive unit using another side with no enough elixir with you to do a complete combo. Mostly, you will notice that the idea will certainly force your enemies to react with defense. Thus, you will disrupt the flow of attack done roughly by your opponents.

Freezing the enemies’ tower is possible through defending the attack with the minion horde. Moreover, a big damage is possible to the tower owned by your opponents either.

You should consider making the Zap completely useless defending their attack through the minion horde. Besides, placing a tank exactly in front of the minions will also help you in this regard.

In case your enemies place the princess down to defeat your minion horde, you may have the option to freeze both the tower and the princess. There, you will have a few seconds either to make big damages.


All these strategies are shared on several blogs but I have added some more info either to give you more valuable guide so that you may feel free to use them while attacking and defending.

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