A Clash Royale Deck Building Guide to help you beat opponents

Are you constantly defeated at Clash Royale Maybe it is time to re-examine your deck

Are you constantly defeated at Clash Royale Maybe it is time to re-examine your deck

Are you the type of Clash Royale gamer who copies deck posted on the internet? Too lazy to create your own Clash Royale deck? Or have you tried injecting your own mix to you enemys winning deck? Well not to worry, well teach you how to build your own deck!

Think of this Clash Royale Deck Building Guide as a guideline or a foundation of every house. It is supposed to be strong and balanced for you to survive any storm.

Kudos to devinhelgeson for sharing this tip on Reddit.

Clash Royale Deck Building Guide:

These are the type of cards you should put in your deck for that strong and balanced troops that you need in winning a game. This Clash Royale Deck Builder will not tell you what exact cards to use, but it will let you choose what type of troops, spells, and buildingshould cycle in your deck.

Below are a number of cards in which you have to choose and decide whichever troop is suitable to your fighting/gaming style. They are put randomly and that doesnt mean the first one is the strongest.

Lead Card

clashroyalehackscheats.com-Lead Card

A lead card or main card should be a high damage troop that can affect your play offensively. They are the star of your deck and will be leading the pushes.



Because of their ability to lure and defend your base, they are certainly a necessity.

Big Spell

clashroyalehackscheats.com-Big Spell

Big spells can definitely destroy a tower or make your enemys huge push crumble. All you need to do is to time and aim it correctly and their push or tower will be crushed.

Small Spell

clashroyalehackscheats.com-Small Spell

Small spells work best against low HP troops and swarms. They are great against Minion Hordes, Skeleton Armies, and other low HP troops.

Cluster Troop

clashroyalehackscheats.com-Cluster Troop

Because of their numbers, they are great for defense. Use them against beefy and tanky troops, usually the lead card of your opponent. After they are done, you can start by doing a counter attack by putting your lead card and start pushing.

Offense Support Card 1 and 2

Offense Support Card 1 and 2

You can not just push with your lead card alone, it needs some backup. These offense support card can be there to clear the path for a successful push. Take note that the second support card youll pick should have a different kind of attack method than your first one. This is to give you diversity and youll be hard to counter as well.

Cheap Troop

Cheap Troop

They are versatile and cheap! They can be used for defending your base or can also do an offense support together with your lead card.

Clash Royale Deck Building Guide Tips


Please make your average elixir cost below 4.0. This will give you a faster cycle, unless youre equipped with the elixir collector.


You should only equip 0 1 epics. This will ensure that you will not go above 4.0 elixir count.


Equip 2 splash or area damage cards to battle against huge pushes.


Put 3 ranged troops in your deck for you to have an advantage against melee troops.

Air Defense

You should have troops or buildings to bring down any aerial units, 2 cards are recommended.


This Clash Royale Deck Building Guide will definitely help you build a strong and balanced deck. A lot of you might think having 2 spells in a deck is too much but it really depends on you. This is just a strategy in creating a well-balanced deck that can counter almost any type of deck out there in the arena. Feel free to try it out and share with us what troops worked best for you.

Source : clashroyalepedia

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