Clash Royale – The dirty Hog Miner Deck – Arena 6 and above

I believe you have noticed the job of the Minor Wreck and Hog Rider tower simply with a Bomb Tower. They act together defending, but did you ever notice something about the Inferno Tower rather than those two?

The dirty Hog Miner Deck


The way of this clash Royale deck is pretty entertaining and simple. Just two cards are used mostly in this game and you will notice how much they are powerful. With the power or strength of these two cards, you will see how cheesy the fight you can perform with this fresh and new deck.

I’m going to express the strength and other things of the game to you, please take some moments to understand.

Deck Strength

If one asks what is the strongest and fairly balanced deck in the Clash Royale game the answer must be the Hog Miner deck. Why is it considered so powerful? Well, because it performs well on both defense and offense.

The support comes from this deck is flawless and no complaints are generated yet. You will notice when playing that the deck is dealing easily with any stronger and beefy tanks along with a horde of troops.

It applies the real pressure because it’s the pressure meant by your attendance as you’re going to wreck down the tower and high pressure is highly required for this purpose.

Dirty Hog Minor Deck – Arena 5, 6, and above

The dirty Hog Miner Deck

Cards Roles

Barbarians: Barbarians are considered as best defenders serving you against any incoming troops and obstacles ahead. Besides, they act as bait which means the opponents may use the spell cards. Barbarians are able to knock down any kind of stronger and beefy tanks as well as can prevent the attacks of any horde of the troops placed on the ground.

Miner: Minor could be set without any cost with the Hog Rider. Any kind of damage can be absorbed by this troop for such kind of combo. It is able to deal with stronger damages happened to the tower along with holding HP too.

Hog Rider: The tandem of the Minor is considered the basic and main strategy of the Clash Royale deck. Goblins are there to be used either as a basic backup but should be used only in case of being required. The reason why it has been regarded one of the most used cards in the highest Arena is that the damage it causes is superb.

Goblins: The Goblins’ HPs could be lower than usual, but the damage they cause stronger and powerful enough damages because they severely destroy a tower. Besides, Goblins are regarded to use against powerful and beefy tanks either.

Inferno Tower: Inferno Tower is a thing you can declare the main defense when fighting against beefy tanks. You can extend its life through supporting the tower with the cards you own. There are many other ways you would be supported by the Inferno Tower including distraction to prevent any coming troops intending to target the tower.

Fireball: Fireball isn’t an unknown thing in Clash Royale game. Its best use is in a horde of troops such as Minions and Barbarians. To wipe the opponents easily, make sure to use Fireball to ensure the damages. Besides, their use is considered in towers either.

Zap: Minor + Hog tandem are supported by Zap as it’s regarded the main spell card in this regard. Have extra blows with Zap along with being benefitted through annihilating any low HP troops if they remain in the range allowed by developers.


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