How to counter Hog Freeze Combo

Hello, guys, it’s John with a bit guide how to counter Hog Freeze Combo. I believe some of you are aware of my Youtube Channel where I post videos regularly proving useful information regarding winning the games and overcoming the enemies.


I started this guide because some of my friends have been in trouble countering Hog Freeze Combo. Stopping the Hog Rider may be a tough task for new gamers, and this guide will assist you to get a better touch how to overcome these threats. Let’s get started.

How to defeat Hog Freeze Combo

You, as a player, should always be prepared against a potential Freeze Spell whenever your enemy sends in a Hog Rider. This is the rule of thumb that must be remembered. Why gamers struggle so much to prepare against Hog Freeze combo? Well, the reason is simple.

Players often don’t carry building cards. You must carry at least one building card along with you because it would help you defend against hog riders as well as many other threats including X-Bow, the Morter, Balloon, Golem, and others. If you don’t care about these things you may be a victim of your opponents targeting your Arena Towers.

To name some buildings, they include Goblin Hut, Inferno Tower, Tombstone, Barbarian, Bomb Tower, Cannon, Elixir collector, and even Tesla. All these are famous in blocking incoming Hog Riders.

Before moving ahead, it’s better to discuss the radius of the Freeze Spell. The radius of Freeze Spell contains three tiles. So, outlining the areas would be good. You can use Freeze Spell to freeze both your troops or building and the Arena Tower at the same time.

What doesn’t it mean? Well, don’t deploy the troops far away from the area we are talking about. Have your ranged attackers away from this area such as Musketeer, Archers, Spear Goblins, and Wizard.

I have inserted an image to explain where to place the troops exactly. If you look at the picture carefully, you can see that the right place is up top. Remember; don’t deploy the troops until you see the Hog Rider. You can’t freeze using Freeze Spell both the top two tiles and the Arena Tower together. However, they can be freeze separately.

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