9Clash Royale Fireball

Annnnnd Fireball. Incinerates a small area, dealing high damage. Reduced damage to Crown Towers.

Clash Royale Fireball

  • This card is unlockable from Tutorial (the Training Camp).
  • The Fireball is a powerful spell, available to cast anywhere in the Arena, dealing immense damage.

  • The Fireball is effectively used to finish off weakened Crown Towers or buildings, and killing or badly damaging large numbers of small troops like Barbarians, Spear Goblins, or Archers. However, do not use one on a high hitpoint troop alone like a Giant or Valkyrie as that is a waste of Elixir, unless the units have lowered hitpoints.
  • For low-level players, its recommended to use Lightning instead of Fireball, because of its higher damage to both Crown Towers and Area Damage; but if it is further suited to deal damage in an AoE (Area of Effect), damaging 3+ troops and Buildings, the Fireball is recommended.
  • It is effective on eliminating both kinds of Musketeers.

Fireball Statistics

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