Flying Goblin Trick Deck for Arena 5

Overview Goblin Trick Deck for Arena 5

This 2-elixir card that spawns 3 Goblins armed with daggers are now an outcast on many decks because of stronger and new troops in Arena 5. But we made a Clash Royale deck to resurrect them from [Arena/(Arena 1) Goblin Stadium|Arena 1]] and bring them back to Arena 5 Spell Valley! Not only will they slash their way through opponents but they will also destroy towers!


With just 2 elixirs for Goblins and 4 elixirs for the Goblin Barrel, they can be such a menace. This is especially true if partnered with the Freeze spell. With 140 damage each on level 7, they can really bring a tower down with ease if left alone. And what if we add the Balloon?

Flying Goblin Trick Deck Goblin Trick Deck for Arena 5 Card Roles

Card Roles

  • Baby Dragon & Fireball: With the Baby Dragons splash damage, you eliminate Barbarians and other group troops. Together with the Fireball spell to soften them, they can eliminate units fast!
  • Balloon: It can destroy buildings and towers in a matter of seconds!
  • Freeze: Use it to defend, by freezing incoming push or offense with your Goblin Barrel + Balloon!
  • Goblins: These cheap troops can destroy enemy units trespassing your base.
  • Goblin Barrel: Drop this barrel on your opponents tower after he deploys his spells!
  • Minions & Minion Horde: Great troops to counter ground troops. You can also use them to crush towers.

Clash Royale Strategy

The main strategy here is to trick your opponent in casting his spells on other cards leaving him/her undefended to your Gob Barrel + Balloon push!

Wait until you have max elixir and wait for your opponent to start pushing. Always remember to counter him with your Goblins, Minions, and Minion Hordes. Make sure to make him spend his spells like Arrows and Zap!

During mid game, after he spent his spells, drop your Balloon at the back of your tower. Wait until it reaches his tower at the same time aiming your Goblin Barrel at his other tower. This will make him choose what side hell defend. If he chooses the Balloon, cast your Freeze spell on the Goblin Barrel Tower for them to finish their job.

At the double elixir mark, this will be a crazy push. Start with the Balloon again on your chosen lane. Defend it with the Baby Dragon. After they reach the tower, throw your Goblin Barrel and let the massive attack begin! You can use the Freeze spell together with your Balloon + Gob Barrel or use it to defend your base. We will not be surprised if you win three crowns on this deck.


Spells can cause trouble on this deck. Arrows, Zap, and Fireball can eliminate your troops in a blink of an eye. Try to dual push or trick your opponent into spending his/her spells to your low elixir troops to make your push.


We hope your love for these Goblins is getting back since theyre not meant to be discarded. They are equipped with good damage points and speed to make any incoming troops cry out for help. Accompanied with good cards, they can surely win a spot on your top three decks.

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