How to get Clash Royale Gold quicker

There is no doubt that Gold is one of the most important things in the game Clash Royale due to the possibilities because of having gold. You can do anything if you own the gold. People usually are out of Gold most of the times that’s why some days are needed to wait until having enough gold.


In this paper, my aim is to discover and share the ideas how to earn a lot of gold without facing obstacles and difficulties. Since it’s costly one should be prepared for any issue before reaching the goal.

Ways to have gold in Clash Royale

In the game, there are two ways to earn gold, donating cards and opening chests. First of all, let me tell you the easiest way. Well, without having much hardship, you can earn gold through the silver chest, wooden chest, crown chest, and golden chest.

In order to get that sweet and easy cash, you must open all of them whenever you get some chance by gaming a few battles each day. Never lose your temper when playing and counter the enemies with strategies more than using your emotions.

The 2nd method to earn gold is donating. According to some players, it’s very stupid idea to provide someone what you have earned after hard work. I agree, but think of what you can have by donating in return.

Just imagine, you can get 5 Gold and XP for every card you donate as well as 50 Gold can be received by donating every Rare. The player, who got the card from you, will not take the gold from you.

Just take it as you were selling the cards though the buyer is not going to pay you any penny. So, it doesn’t mean you are giving him anything for free. The total number of cards that you can donate every day is sixty. That means you are free to donate 300 daily and over 2000 every week.

If you’re thinking to donate Rares, the number of donated cards could be 4200 gold. There is a store where one or two Epic cards can be had through donating either. But, it shouldn’t be easy. If you aren’t interested in donating and want to have through paying, it may prove very hard.

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