How to get Legendary Cards

So the question everyone keeps asking is, how do I get Legendary cards? Well there are three main ways:

1. Buy Gems and use them to buy Super Magical Chest

What are the chances of getting a Legendary card from opening a Super Magical Chest? Well, I’ve done some research by compelling data from over 100 Super Magical Chest openings from players in Arena 8 from the recent update. And I’ve found that the chances of obtaining 1 of the 5 Legendary cards from a single Super Magical Chest is about 40%, which is actually higher than it used to be.

100 Super Magical Chest

100 Super Magical Chest

Buying a Super Magical Chest is quite expensive though, costing 4600 Gems in Arena 8. But it definitely gives greater value than Giant or Magical Chest and has a much higher chance of getting a Legendary card. So with about $100, you can buy 3 Super Magical Chests from Arena 8. So statistically speaking, there is about a 78% chance that you are going to get 1 Legendary card out of the 3 Super Magical chests, while about a 22% chance that you won’t get any.

2. Get Legendary Card by pure luck

However, the chances of finding a Legendary card inside free chests, crown chests, silver or gold chests increases dramatically as you move up in Arenas. For instance, the only Legendary Card that can be unlocked at Arena 4 is the Lava Hound, while if you’ve made it to Arena 6, then the chances of finding a Legendary card is 4 times more likely because now you can unlock the Sparky, Miner, Ice Wizard, and Lava Hound. So it’s very important that you put a lot of effort into moving up in Arenas. Not only that, moving up in Arenas also benefit you by providing you with more Gold inside your chests, higher victory gold rewards, ability to request and donate more.

For example, at Arena 8 you can donate up to 8 Common cards at once, while at Arena 6, you can only donate 4 Common cards at once. At Arena 6, you can request for 20 Common cards or 2 rare cards every 8 hours, but at Arena 8, it’s double, you can request for 40 Common cards or 4 rare cards. Not only that you also get a lot more cards and more gold from free chests, gold or silver chests, and crown chests. so you’ll be progressing much faster if you focus on getting to Legendary Arena. Usually the minimum level you have to be right to get to legendary arena is level 8. Currently there are thousands of level 8 players in the world who are in legendary arena. And if you’re wondering what types of decks are great for getting to Arena 8, well I’ve been tracking a lot of these level 8 players in Legendary Arena, and the majority of them use a deck based around the Hog Rider. But I’d say Royal Giant is also another very good option right now.

How to get Legendary Cards

3. Get Legendary Cards with Golds form the shop

Legendary cards start appearing in the shop at Arena 8. It costs 40,000 Golds to purchase a quantity of only 1 of those Legendary cards, which is equivalent to about 2,000 Gems. And this is very good value compared to buying Super Magical Chests, as the Super Magical Chests cost more than double the amount of Gems and you are not guaranteed to get the Legendary card you desire and there is only about a 40% chance of finding a Legendary card in the Super Magical Chest. The main difference (other than the cost) between getting Legendary cards from the shop and buying it from the Super Magical Chests is that you don’t have to wait for the Legendary card showing up in the shop? Well, I believe this is dependent on whether you already unlocked a Legendary card.

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