Goblin Barrel Freeze Deck For Arena 8 And 9

Goblin Barrel Freeze Deck For Arena 8 And 9

Hello, friends! I came with another F2P higher level Clash Royale Arena 9 Deck for you folks. Before I go through into the detail let me explain a little back story to this deck. The story is when I met an amazing and awesome person and player during playing in the Pro Gaming League called PGL shortly.

When I was playing against this particular deck, I wondered how powerful and strong a counter push this had. In the beginning, I beat him well but afterward, I kept losing it.

This was not a good experience but I enjoyed because it gave me a lot of practice of losing and winning. This Clash Royale Arena 9 Deck was used and thus the player climbed to a good 3500+ using just Lvl 7 Rare and Lvl 9 commons. Now without any delay, let’s have a look at the decklist.

What should you do first?qwe

Make sure to be defensive at first before being aggressive on words. You will need to have some information regarding spells played by your opponents and also, adjust some attack strategies according to the situation and planning you made already. Within a few seconds, you will be possibly able to analyze remembering the cards they have and taking down a full health tower. Be careful again and don’t try to be aggressive before proper planning and right strategies.

Attack Strategies

If you have the princess in hand, it’s always a good idea to begin each attach with that princess behind the king tower. In the whole game, as far as I know, it’s the best defensive troop. Even less skilled persons can use it through ordinary skills. Never miss the princess attack if you are starting your career in playing this online amazing game.

Throw Goblin Barrel putting the Goblins behind Valkyrie placed on the bridge. It’s regarded the best combo that can be put off. You can suffer your opponents with panic attacks through pushing the Valkyrie using the same speed as the Goblins. Remember, destroying the tower within a few seconds is just possible but in the condition of doing all the procedure correctly. But, you should keep in mind the weakness of this kind of attack. Minions should be destroyed which are considered weakness before they become bigger and harder to be destroyed.

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