Hog Rider Miner Baby Dragon Deck for Pushing in Arena 7

Hog Rider Miner Baby Dragon Deck for Pushing in Arena 7


The Hog Rider and Miner Clash Royale deck is becoming the hottest deck in higher Clash Royale arenas. Heres another deck that showcases its power together with the Goblin Squad.

Deck Strength

This Clash Royale deck both bring pressure and splash damage. In fact, the Hog Miner combo alone can destroy a tower. This gives you a lot of elixir advantage throughout the game. Your other troops main responsibilities are to defend and distract. With an average elixir of 3.6, the cards will be cycled faster.

Hog + Miner Deck Arena 7 & 8

Hog Rider Miner Baby Dragon Deck for Pushing in Arena 7

Card Roles:

  • Baby Dragon: This and the Princess are mainly used to deal with horde troops and building cards. This will help your Hog Rider reach the tower easily.
  • Hog Rider: Your main demolisher. Try to pair him with the Miner frequently. If not available, any troops like Goblins or Baby Dragon can be good options.
  • Miner: His surprising appearance will distract your enemy, making their main focus is to counter this troop alone. His damage is fair yet his HP is sitting around 1k HP. This will give your Hog Rider a bonus life while dealing with the tower. This Legendarycard can be unlocked in Arena 6.
  • Princess: She will deal with any kinds of troops, especially to a set of them. The Princess is best used against the Minion Horde and Barbarians. Dropping her will be a challenge, especially if your enemy is sneaky enough to hold their Arrows to counter her. Her range is superb, making her a threat late in the game.
  • Goblins: These green guys will be the mini-support for your Hog Rider and/or Miner. They can deal critical damage to anything on site if not stopped. Ignoring them might bring a different outcome in the game.
  • Goblin Barrel: Who said that the Hog + Miner duo is the only annoying thing in your deck? Here’s the Goblin Barrel making constant and additional damage against towers. Use it at random times to puzzle out your enemy.
  • Inferno Tower : This building card will be the one that will stop any beefy tanks of your opponent. Dealing with any other tanks like P.E.K.K.A, Golem, or Giant Skeleton might be easier than the Royal Giant. Place it timely and accordingly.
  • Fireball: This spell card will annihilate quickly any horde of troops on site. Preferably used against Barbarians, this can also be a good trade against a Wizard dropped near your opponent’s crown tower. Letting you hit two birds with one stone.

Battle Strategy

Battle Strategy

Make an initial move by dropping your Hog Rider + Goblins in the chosen tower. Your enemy will be forced to make a trade against your move. If lucky, you can have an elixir advantage with a bonus knowledge which regards to your enemys deck. If a horde of Barbarians were used, counter it with the Princess. You can also use the Baby Dragon in this kind of situation. If these two cards are not available, use the Fireball. Wait for them to reach the river before casting this spell card. Most of the times, players tend to wait until their defensive troops arrive in the river before dropping other units. Once the Barbarians reached the said position, they will drop a range card for support. One Fireball can severely put you in an Elixir Advantage.

Once you defended successfully, immediately prepare the Hog Rider+ Miner combo. It is recommended that you drop these two after stopping a wave of troops. Drop first the Miner, then follow it with your Hog Rider. The Miner will tank any damage, giving your Hog Rider a number of extra blows against a tower. The Baby Dragon can help your Hog Rider to wreck a building tower if there is. This will give you a greater chance of wrecking down the targeted tower. If in need, utilize your Princess to provide the support you need. Repeat the steps until you devastate a tower. Occasionally, drop your Goblin Barrel in a way that your enemy will not know the pattern of it. Deal with any beefy tanks by wisely placing your Inferno Tower for full support.

Perform the strategy up until the last minute of the game. Once you wrecked a tower, continue the pressure to crash your enemy’s strategy.

Deck Weakness

This Clash Royale strategy might get into trouble dealing with the Minion Horde, Freeze Spell or P.E.K.K.A/Golem deck. Given that this set of cards can easily make a pressure, running out of elixir after an unsuccessful push will be a big trouble. That’s why we recommend running a defensive strategy after your Hog + Goblins combo in the first phase of the game.

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