Ice wizard deck strategy for Arena 5

Ice wizard deck strategy for Arena 5

Ice wizard deck strategy for Arena 5


In Arena 5, this wizard called Ice Wizard is unlockable. If you want to get a thing similar to the wizard consider trying it as it is regarded the best support for your tank. In every match, it is considered the best that maximizes the use of it.

It can work for both Arena 4 and 5 in case the player falls down, with some expectations along with common conditions. I’m here to tell you something about the deck first. Read it carefully to understand the tools applied to enhance you practice in order to make progress.


A good thing about its strengths is that is slows down the units while attacking. Although the attacks it makes aren’t so stronger and great, yet the effect is regarded very significant when a lane is being pushed by you. Mostly, this deck is regarded offensive and aggressive but don’t worry, it could be a control deck.
It poses 2 tanks, the PEKKA and the price. Wizard brothers support them easily. The Goblin and Knight can simply put down the enemies’ tanks through a single push without having so much effort.
When it comes to ground battle, according to the expert players, it has been proven to be very powerful and strong.

Ice wizard deck strategy for Arena 5

Ice wizard deck strategy for Arena 5

Card Roles

Average Elixir: 4.1

PEKKA and Prince:These two are considered the main and important tanks of the deck. If you need to destroy the tanks of your opponents easily leave them alone and they eliminate the strength of your enemies within seconds.

Ice wizard and wizards:You can use both of them when support is needed for the tanks. Air attacks are very complicated and both are regarded indispensable in this regard.

Arrows:It has been declared spell card and considered extremely helpful when it comes to fighting against low-HP troops and swarms.

Goblins, Knight, and Barbarians:These three cards are essential when support is required for your push. According to online players, they are good defensive units when any counter push is required.

Battle Strategy

When the match gets started it’s necessary to wait until ten elixirs. Put the PEKKA down if you have, to see the movements of your opponents and that what they are going to do.

Stop them from trying to counter through Minion Horde or Minion by quickly dropping an arrow to destroy them. Don’t be lazy; kill them as quick as possible instead.


PEKKA and these two wizards are good to create a push through. No one can stop them from working as they are unstoppable unless a fireball is used by the enemy to beat your wizards.

That’s why they are considered unbeatable without using an external tool. As the result of longer and stronger attacks, the ground units may get destroyed perhaps, but don’t worry about the PEKKA as not enough damage will occur. Make your enemy empty handed by attempting, again and again, to destroy or kill him. Don’t let him spend more to kill your tools.

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