Lava Hound 3 Archetypes Strategy

Is Lava Hound the worst Legendary card in Clash Royale? Find out here.

Is Lava Hound the worst Legendary card in Clash Royale? Find out here.


Lava Hound is one of the latest cards in Clash Royale. It is a legendary rarity, and because of this, it became branded as the worst among the legendary rarity cards. This is due to the fact the it costs 7 elixirs to deploy, his use is not as versatile as the other legendary cards.

However, despite all this, there are specific archetypes to make use of its high HP and low attack power to its full potential. After reading this article, you would think twice if it really is the worst among its peers. Or maybe you can use it!

Lava Hound Area of Effect Clash Royale Deck

Lava Hound - 3 Archetypes Strategy


Lava Hound is very optimized in an AOE test deck. All you have to do is support him with low-cost elixir units to stop counters from killing the Lava Hound before it reaches the tower. When you are going to support your Lava Hound with units such as Spear Goblins and Minions, make sure they are deployed in a way that the Ice Wizard, or Wizard will not target the units at once. It will be very bad to your push.

The Musketeer will be used for damaging the tower. She can also kill the opponents Wizard or destroy defensive buildings. Of course, Elixir Collector is very essential in this deck to play aggressively with Lava Hound.


Watch out for Princess since she can basically attack and kill your Lava Pups easily along its AOE-test component. Inferno Tower is also something to watch out for since it can basically stop your push if it kills the Lava Hound before it reaches your opponents tower.

Three Musketeers will be the worst unit to encounter with this deck. It is not usually played as defensive units. But when it does, it can be extremely difficulty to win a game since it can basically stop your Lava Hound and its Lava Pups easily.

Ice Wizard is a worse counter than Wizard as he can slow down Lava Hounds very slow movement already. Same with Lava Pups, he can slow it down so the tower can shoot it down with minimal damage.

Lava Hound Beatdown Deck

Lava Hound - 3 Archetypes Strategy


With a Beatdown strategy, you use Lava Hound as a tank. It will gather most of the attention and attacks to him while you use other units to significantly damage the opponents tower. Baby Dragon is a good aerial unit for backing up the Lava Hound to kill most of the counters and even the opponents defensive buildings.

Once you solidify your push with Baby Dragon and Lava Hound, use Mini P.E.K.K.A + Valkyrie to push harder. You can also use Archers to attack from afar since they can deal good damage if left alone. This deck also has Arrows to kill Minion Horde. In addition, we accompany them with the Poison Spell to slow down most troops.

Of course, a huge push would not happen without an Elixir Collector, which is an essential card for such deck.


Be careful of a Cannon since it will be used to bait Lava Hound to go in different direction. Do not put down any troops while it is not destroyed. You can use either Baby Dragon or Poison to quickly dispose of it.

Also, do not over commit on your pushes. Always have extra elixirs before putting down troops since he might do a push on the other lane. You can use Poison Spell and Mini P.E.K.K.A if it is a tank that targets building-only. Otherwise, use Archers to bait tanks like Prince to the middle so both towers can attack it.

Lavaloon Deck

Lava Hound - 3 Archetypes Strategy


Most people do not have enough troops or cards to stop two aerial damage dealers. Especially if Minion Horde is quickly killed by a Fireball. Increase the chances to get 3 crowns with Rage since it will significantly increase the attack and movement speed of both damage dealers.

Also, the Bomb Tower is a major defensive building to stop most pushes. On the other hand, the Musketeer will be used as a counter push alongside with Spear Goblins.


The only downside of this deck is the lack of defensive units. Although you can use Bomb Tower to defend your pushes, it is still weak against aerial units. You can use Musketeer to deal with them and then Spear Goblins to create a counter push.

This will also be an ideal strategy since once you establish your Elixir Collectors and Bomb Tower, your push would be something huge. Drop Lava Hound behind your tower. And then drop Balloon once Lava Hound crosses the bridge. Moreover, you have a tremendous amount of elixirs pumping out every 10 seconds. You can drop Rage to increase their movement and Fireball to stop Minion Horde.

Again the ideal strategy would only work if you already have countered his push since your opponent would not have time to deal with the aerial combo.


These are the 3 Archetypes for Lava Hound. It is not so bad, isnt it?

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