Miner Clash Royale

“The Miner can burrow his way underground and appear anywhere in the Arena. It’s not magic, it’s a shovel.”



  • The Miner is unlockable from the Arena 6 (Builder’s Workshop)
  • The card is a single target, melee Troop with high hitpoints.


  • Due to his ability to be placed anywhere, the Miner can be used for surprise attacks.
  • He deals 60% less damage to Crown Towers, so it’s recommended not to use him on them.
    • However, he can act as a surprise tank. A miner backed up by goblins or skeletons is a cheap way to deal immense damage.
  • Use Miners to destroy enemy buildings when they are distracted.
  • You can also support your pushes by deploying the Miner next to your troops.
  • Being a single-target troop, the Miner is very weak against a small swarm of troops, such as Skeletons, which distract the Miner and prevent him from attacking nearby buildings.


  • The Miner was added to the game on 03 May 2016 .
  • It is the only Troop card that can be placed anywhere on the Arena.
    • The Goblin Barrel can deploy Goblins anywhere on the Arena too, the differences are that the Goblin Barrel is a Spell and deals Area Damage on impact.
    • Note that the Goblin Barrel flies over everything, so your opponent can easily see it coming.
  • The Miner, the Ice Wizard and the Princess are the cheapest Legendary cards.
  • It is the only troop to deal reduced damage to Crown Towers.
  • When the Miner is digging to his desired location, the dirt in the arena is uprooted.
  • The deploy time timer only starts when he has finished digging.
  • The Miner has inferior hitpoints and DPS (especially against Crown Towers) to a 8 level higher Knight. The two advantages of the miner are unlimited deployment and a slightly faster move speed.



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