Learning how to push to Arena 6 at level 6

Hello, guys! Have you ever thought what the easiest method to push to Arena 6 is? In this tutorial, I wanted to show you the simplest yet effective way. The deck in these instructions contains a high win rate when playing against most other decks. The way is the most effective I ever meet.

Not only this guide is being provided, but also, I’m going to let you know how to counter those decks. This particular deck is provided by JesuSlark belongs to Thailand. The rank he is enjoying currently is 13 in Thailand and he is just at level 6.

Common plan

Usually, the game should be started with either the Spear Goblins card or a Cannon. When you see the Elixir hits ten, drop the card immediately. This approach is ideal because the enemy will more likely to drop high Elixir cards first. With having the elixir advantage, most cards would be possible to be encountered easily. Avoid rushing the game instead cut the towers slowly in order to overcome most the games. Rushing will give you nothing in terms of winning and gathering more points so avoid as much as possible.


Freeze + Balloon

If you are seeking an extremely powerful deck building considers this matchup against Balloon + Freeze Combo. This combo has been a cause of my building being destroyed many times and I can’t remember the last time when it happened.

First of all, making sure Cannon is placed in the middle is very important because the enemy balloon is considered always to get distracted nearby it. After placing, in order to take the Balloon down quickly, drop the Wizard or the Spear Goblins. I personally like dropping the Wizard and Spear Goblins first to bait out the free spell.

Once you noticed that the enemy has dropped the Freeze Spell, there you may be free to use Minion Horde card to get started playing counter attack. Often, there would be some chances to get free tower because of using nine elixirs by your opponent. He uses them for nothing and that may prove to be a plus point for you.

Besides, in the case of having no Cannon to distract the Balloon, it’s required to drop the Minion Horde as soon as you can to avoid the tower being toasted immediately.

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