Royal Giant + Wizard Deck Arena 7 8

Royal Giant is a powerful unit for destroying towers. However, he is vulnerable against counters. This is why Wizard comes to his rescue to make the Royal Giant a complete tank.

Royal Giant is a powerful unit for destroying towers. However, he is vulnerable against counters. This is why Wizard comes to his rescue to make the Royal Giant a complete tank.


Royal Giant has been one of the most used cards in Clash Royale after the May 18 Balance Changes went live. He became an almost unstoppable unit since he can wreck havoc to your tower from afar. The only thing left to make him really unstoppable is a support that can easily dispose of counters. This is where the Wizard comes in. Here is a Clash Royale deck that will utilize the Royal Giant and Wizard.

Clash With Ash shared this deck and dubbed it as the best Royal Giant deck in Arena 7-8.


The Royal Giant alone can wreck havoc without a support. However, his cost-per-usage would be dismal since he costs 6 elixirs to deploy. This is where the Wizard comes in. His AOE damage is really good against units like Minion Horde and Barbarians.

This deck also has enough cards to defend your lane with a Minion Horde and Cannon. Of course, since it has an average elixir of 4 and has a tank that costs more than 5 elixirs, an Elixir Collector will be an essential card in this deck.

Royal Giant + Wizard Deck Giant + Wizard Deck Arena 7 & 8

Card Roles

  • Royal Giant: He will be your main tank and attacker to the opponents tower. His attack may not be that strong as the other tanks, but he can immediately deal damage from afar.
  • Wizard: Wizard will be your main support for the Royal Giant. He has a great AOE damage that can kill most counter units that will be deployed against your Royal Giant.
  • Arrows: This will be your main spell against Minion Horde, Minions, and other low HP units that will try to stop your Royal Giant push.
  • Princess: She can also be a support card for Royal Giant. She can also attack the tower without getting damage. It is best to utilize her when you are pushing since she has a very low health.
  • Elixir Collector: An essential card for every deck that has a tank that require 6 or more elixirs. It can also be used as bait for Fireballs and Hog Riders.
  • Minion Horde: They are a great defensive unit especially if your opponent does not have a Fireball. They can also support the Royal Giant and destroy towers easily.
  • Goblins: Great for stopping tanks that focus on building. You can also do sneak attacks with them when you are pushing with Royal Giant.
  • Cannon: This will be your main defensive building for baiting tanks and stopping most pushes. It is pretty cheap.

Clash Royale Strategy

At the start of the game, make sure you reach 10 elixirs before dropping anything. Drop Elixir Collectorbehind a tower if you have it on your hand. You can drop a Royal Giant near the bridge to see how your opponent would react. This way, you can easily adjust your strategy by the way he reacts.

The main strategy for this deck is to have atleast 1 Elixir Collector deployed. Next is to drop the Wizard from way back near your Kings Tower. Then drop the Royal Giant once the Wizard is near the river. By the time you do it, you have enough elixirs to add another unit whether its the Princess or the Minion Horde. This will stop most counter troops and will give you a huge advantage over your enemy.

For the defense, Cannon will be an essential card to bait most troops while the Minion Horde disposes them. Although, you can use the Princess to kill most low HP units for low cost. Arrows can be used too if he drops a Minion Horde or Skeleton Army.

When the 60-second mark hits, make sure to keep doing the combo and not be reckless with your Royal Giant because it may lead to your defeat.

Deck Weakness

Fireball and Arrows will be the weakness of some of your troops such as Goblins, Princess and Minion Horde. You can avoid this by baiting only one of your troops such as Goblins or Minion Horde and do not drop them near each other.


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