Royal Giant

Royal Giant

Sighting his massive cannon at enemy buildings, the Royal Giant comes in like a wrecking ball

Royal Giant Clash Royale

  • The Royal Giant is unlockable from the Arena 7 (Royal Arena).
  • He is a single target, long range troop with high hitpoints.
  • The Royal Giant prioritizes buildings as his target, similar to Giant.
  • Its appearance is similar to that of a Giant but he sports a darker colored cloth coat, has a mustache with sideburns which go to his chin, wears an earring and wields a cannon in one hand, and a cannonball in the other.

  • The Royal Giant’s range makes him a more flexible option than the Giant. Because he attacks from a long range, he is effective to pair with a Princess, who has a longer range, and can be shielded by the Royal Giant.
    • The Royal Giant stands in place while attacking, luring defending enemy troops towards it and closer to your other attacking troops. Therefore, pairing it up with a Wizard or Bomber allows you to easily defeat defending Goblins and Barbarians, giving way for melee troops such as the Prince or Hog Rider to attack unhindered.
  • The Minion Horde and Skeleton Army can effectively counter a Royal Giant. As he cannot attack either unit, their large numbers can easily whittle down a Royal Giant’s hitpoints quickly.
  • Placing him on the end of the bridge almost immediately allows him to attack the enemy Arena Tower, making him an instant threat.
  • However, as the Royal Giant is ranged, he will not protect your melee troops from enemy defenders, making his high hitpoints worthless as a shield.
    • It is possible to use the Royal Giant as a tank if the player puts down melee troops after the Crown Tower targets the Royal Giant.
    • The Royal Giant can outrange any defense except for the Mortar and X-Bow. This means that it can effectively take out annoying defenses such as the Cannon and Bomb Tower .
      • The Tesla, despite its inferior range, can target a Royal Giant because the Tesla is hidden until it can attack an enemy.
  • Most players try to distract their enemy’s troops by placing a building in the middle of their field. If they happen to place such buildings at most 4 tiles from the river, punish their mistake by countering with a Royal Giant for a relatively risk-free destruction from your side of the field!

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