Should you deploy everything at once?

The destruction of Arena tower can help you move on in terms of countering Hog Freeze. This fact is necessary to keep in mind because all players need to have an easier way to counter Hog Freeze and Arena Tower being destroyed makes you able to hit this enemy.


Actually, King’s tower needs to be activated to be assisted regarding defense. To be benefitted by this situation, you must avoid deploying the troops at the second Arena Tower and at the middle of the King’s Tower. I personally like the game when I use the Freeze Spell and Hog Rider.

Now let me guide you about building placement. It’s very important to place the building in the right way. You should know the right place to place the building and according to my experience, the best place is inside the region.

The hog Rider can easily be targeted through placing the building inside as it will allow your both Arena towers to hit the Hog Rider. Besides, you can prevent the Hog Rider from hitting your Arena Towers directly.

However, you can’t expect any kind of protection of your building as Freeze Spell can attack it. A freeze Spell is still able to freeze both your Arena Towers and your building at the same time.

Besides, you should avoid placing your building in a hurry instead; wait until your opponent sends out his Hog Rider. Once he has sent, you will be free to place. Why is it so important? Well, if you place the building ahead of time, a small attacker can spend his time weakening your defense before the Hog Rider comes out.

That’s the reason why placing the building soon after the opponent deploys the Hog Rider, is a good concept.  Then placing the building would be needed, depending on the building, and you will decide how quick you should place down. If you’re not clear how to do the procedure, don’t worry as I’m going to write a full guide in my next articles.

Another vital thing to be noted is to avoid deploying everything at once and at the same time. When you deal with the Hog Rider, deploy things accordingly and periodically. For example, you may see several games and attackers deploying everything as they need to stop the Hog Rider so they think it would work better. This is not a good idea at all.

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