Sparky Clash Royale

Sparky Clash Royale has a heavy-handed approach to life: Obliterate everything in sight.​

Sparky Clash Royale

  • You can get Sparky from Arena 6 .
  • Although it attacks slowly as it has to recharge, it can take out a P.K.K.A or Giant with just a few hits.
  • It is an area damage, medium-range troop with a high amount of hit points.
  • Sparky takes the appearance of a siege machine with a Tesla coil mounted atop it.
  • Its like a medium tank that fires a short range nuke every 5 seconds. Small units can counter it because its so easily distracted. It doesnt attack air. Also it will reset charge if it gets zapped. Its definitely not OP, BUT if this baby does reach your enemys tower, it will take down almost half of towers HP in 1 shot. Ive tried many cards to increase its offense potential such as mirror and rage, but in the end, Ive found more success with it if I use it defensively in the early and mid game. It can counter all kinds of giants + small unit pushes (very popular nowadays). I will explain the basic strategy later in the post.

  • As Sparky can deal loads of damage, it’s recommend to use it as a support troops behind meatshield such as P.E.K.K.A, Golems, Giants,…
  • When used incorrectly, Sparky’s damage is usually wasted on weak troops (Goblins, Skeletons,…). Make sure you pcouple it with splash damaging troop such as Bomber, Wizard, Princess … or at least Zap/Fireball.
  • Guards and Dark Prince can easily counter the Sparky. Due to their shields, they easily survive the first Sparky’s hit and take it down right after that.
  • When you place Sparky, it will take 6 seconds (1 second (deploy time) + 5 seconds (load time))  to do the first hit so make sure it is not attacked while loading.

  • The Sparky was added to the game on 3/5/16 with the May Update.
  • Its tip resembles a Level 7 Hidden Tesla from Clash of Clans placed on a wooden cart with wheels.
  • Sparky is currently the only completely mechanical troop.
  • The Sparky is somewhat similar to Boom Beach’s Doom Cannon.
  • It is considered a building in a way, making it the 3rd “building” that can inflict damage to a Crown Tower, after the X-Bow and theMortar.
  • When fully upgraded, it deals the highest damage per hit of any troop in the game, at 1,898 damage.
    • Even a level 1 Sparky deals more damage per hit than the level 8 Balloon, the previous record holder of highest damage per hit of any troop, with 1,300 damage as opposed to the Balloon’s 1,158 damage.
    • However, the Sparky has a lower overall DPS due to its slow hit speed, which is the slowest in the game along with the Mortar.
  • Other than the Skeletons and Fire Spirits, this is currently the only card that is capable of killing itself in one shot.
  • It is only troop that visually indicates when it is going to attack. Statistics

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