Spear Goblins

Clash Royale Spear Goblin

Three unarmored ranged attackers. Who the heck taught these guys to throw spears!?! Who thought that was a good idea?

Clash Royale Spear Goblin


  • The Spear Goblins are unlockable from the Arena 1 (Goblin Stadium).
  • It summons 3 single target, medium range Goblins with low hitpoints.


  • Use with tank cards such as the Giant to prevent it from getting targeted, hence, maximizing their damage.
  • Can be use to destroy opposing air troops with a tank card such as Baby Dragon.
  • Good for defending as they are able to deal sufficient amount of damage.
  • Can be used to outnumber opponent’s troop, hence giving you an advantage in fights.
  • Complements well with Goblin Hut, as the Goblin Hut produces Spear Goblins as well. By stacking nicely while defending, you can have a huge wave of Spear Goblins to counterattack, which can be devastating.



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