Tips for Hitting Legendary Arena

legendary arena clash royale

The gamers online and offline always want to learn new tips how to hit Legendary Arena in a famous game Clash Royale. The request of sharing such tips has been made many times by the players. Originally, these tips were given and shared by one of my friends, so I want to thank him.

The Meta

This is a trophy level where most opponents prefer to utilize basically one of the two win conditions though they will prefer to have both together sometimes. The two conditions are Royal Giant and Hog Rider. Sometimes, the player will meet a few amazing strategies including Arrow bait, Giant Skelly, the classic Pekka prince or Three Musketeers.

However, perhaps, based on the meta it’s very important to know the way of countering the Royal Giant. Make sure to place the buildings and troops correctly and properly and consider it important to counter the guy.

Don’t forget that you are not allowed to have even a slight mistake as if you do things in the wrong way it can prove to be very costly. Besides, recognizing certain patterns and ways are also needed while playing because it will ensure you to know the expectations.

If your enemy plays something like skeletons or Goblins far in the back, you will need to have the Hog Counter ready suddenly at a moment’s notice if he is sitting up for this purpose. You will find several fast-twitch reactions here and you need to learn and master them.

The first step to master them is that you should be able to recognize the style how your opponent plays. Apparently, it seems less complicated and easy and one thinks he would learn it rapidly but according to many experts, it could prove to be troubling enough.

Recommended Decks

Clash Royale Hack Cheats-Hog Rider-Valkyrie-Freeze

Deck 1: Hog Rider + Valkyrie + Freeze

Goblins + Elixir Collector + Arrows + Musketeer + Minion Horde

Royal Giant + basically anything

Deck 2: Royal Giant + basically anything

Goblin Hut + Elixir Collector + Barbarians + Spear Goblins + Arrows and Fireball + Cannon

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