Top 7 mistakes that beginners will probably make

Top 7 mistakes that beginners will probably make

Top 7 mistakes that beginners will probably make

Have you ever enjoyed Clash Royale game? If not, consider beginning it because the game is considered one of the most popular mobile games which are being enjoyed and played across the world. I am here to list some mistake new players often do and you, as a new gamer, should also be aware of those mistakes to avoid them when playing. If you know them well, they will help you avoid doing lots and thus you will level up quicker than usual. Read the list carefully and learn how to stay away.

  1. Avoid calculating elixir

An important concept that you should keep in mind while playing is elixir advantage. However, if you are a beginner, probably, it may be a new thing for you. Make sure to use less elixir cost card always when dealing with the opponent’s high elixir card.

This way, you should keep doing that to gain advantage and thus, you will win the game easily. In all situations, it’s good to think when playing a card that this card is able to provide you elixir benefit.

For instance, if the opponent is using a Goblin Barrel for throwing to the defense tower owned by you, he will have to spend 4 elixirs. However, if you use an Arrow using by the right time and use only three elixirs, his Barrel can be killed easily along with having one elixir advantage.

  1. Being aggressive

It’s important to know that if you are a good attacker, it’s better than being a just defender. However, the player will often notice a situation when playing. He will try to have everything in his hand but in vein. You, as a player, should be more aggressive than your opponent to keep all the required things in your hand.

  1. Avoid underestimating the opponent while gaining benefits

Because of a matching system installed in the game, you may match an opponent with the same trophies as you have. This time, avoid doing mistakes and avoid underestimating the opponent.

  1. Avoid being emotional

While playing, it’s important to control the emotions or else you will lose the game. Most become mad while facing so many failures. It’s a game, so be ready to face any situation and avoid losing your temper at any stage of playing.

  1. Check the decks frequently

When unlocking the new cards, it’s good to change the decks and try new ones frequently. However, it’s a bad idea to change the decks soon after losing one or two decks. It happens often when you’re not familiar with the deck you chose, not because the deck is bad enough.

  1. Don’t user Archers frequently

When Barbarians are left who attack the tower, what would you do? Will you use Archers? No, the tower itself is enough to destroy them.

  1. Be active when using functional cards

Functional cards are very good to be used when the opponent is gaining elixir advantages. Be active when using them.

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