Trifecta Control Deck Arena 6 and Above

Heres the popular Trifecta Deck bombarding particular arenas today.


The sudden increase of the Hog Valk Musketeer combo is surprising, especially in higher Clash Royale arenas. Want to learn how to utilize them effectively? Here is the deck that dominated all players from the past Super Magical Cup, The Trifecta Control Deck.

Deck Strength

This set of cards is not really hard to use, giving the user an advantage in every situation. Every card has its own role either in offense or defense. Thus, making a good combo per push is easy. It can deal with any kind of decks especially against decks and the like.

Trifecta Control Deck (With Poison) Arena 6 and Above

Card Roles:

  • Hog Rider: The decks main demolisher. Pair him with any other available troop card(s). This will give him a stronger chance to do bigger damage against its target building or tower. Trick your enemy in utilizing this card to give them a hard time countering it.
  • Valkyrie: The Valkyries HP and AoE damage are superb, making her a mini-tank that can be used anytime.She can fairly deal damage to Barbarians and can instantly kill any low HP set of troops. Can also be used as a distractor to any incoming air troops.
  • Musketeer: She might not be a splash damager, but her DPS is critical so ignoring her is a bad idea. Utilize this card as a main backup of your Hog Rider and Valkyrie combo. She will be in charge to kill any counter troops either air or ground. The Musketeer can also used in defense against beefy air or ground units.
  • Poison Spell: Best used against a horde of troops. The Poison Spell slows down the enemy while it drains the HP of those units. Can be utilized in defense or offense. This spell is very essential for winning when making use of this deck.
  • Elixir Collector: This card will let you cycle your units faster. The elixir advantage of this card is important in creating powerful combos in every push. You can also treat this as a defensive card as well.
  • Cannon: The Cannon is your main defensive structure in this deck. This will snatch the attention of any potential push troop that will try to enter your lair. Deploy this card at the right moment in the best position to lure those pesky troops accordingly. Use this against the Hog Rider, Royal Giant, and the like.
  • Zap: The Zap Spell is a famous spell card used in Hog Rider decks. This will allow your troops to give extra blows to their target with a mini-stun effect. You can use this in either ground or air units, buying you time to defend or push a certain tower.
  • Skeletons: This 1-elixir card is used to support or distract troops perfectly. They can be used anytime depending on the battles situation. If ignored, they can bring down range troops easily or can weaken a ground tank unit. Best used if your trio (Hog, Valk, Musk) has been built to make a strong push.

Clash Royale Strategy:

First, drop your Elixir Collector once your elixir reaches its maximum limit. Prepare for defense afterwards. Usually, the opponent will take your initial move as a hint to make an all out push. If a swarm of troops is incoming, place your Poison Spell wisely to occupy them and be killed in a matter of seconds. While dealing with big tanks or a Hog Rider will be a challenge, placing your Cannon first is essential. Once placed, use your Musketeer to make a chip-in damage to those kind of troops. With this move, you can easily make a counter push.

As your Musketeer moves forward, place your Hog Rider and Skeletons together to make a one big push. Prepare your Zap to support all of them at once. This will provide constant pressure against your enemy. And before they counter it, their tower will be severely weakened already.

Occasionally drop your Elixir Collector all throughout the first two minutes. You can also utilize the Valkyrie in defense. If you are facing a lot of ground troops, that will be the best time to utilize her. Make sure to use Skeletons or Musketeer as a support to kill troops faster.

Once the 60-second mark starts, you will need to plan a concrete push strategy. We will assume that you built 2-3 Elixir Collectors already. Place your Valkyrie behind Crown Tower. Drop your Musketeerahead near the tower and immediately place down your Hog Rider in the middle of these two. This trio is really hard to counter if supported correctly. Once they are pushing, wisely put your Poison Spell to those counter troops. It is suggested that you drop it within the enemys crown tower, defensive structure (if any) and troops. With this, you can annihilate them a lot easier. Prepare your Zap to clean any hindrance, giving your trio a huge chance to wreck a tower down.

Deck Weakness

This Clash Royale strategy is used against most of the decks these days. The only challenge that you might encounter is dealing with aggressive deck users. They tend to pressure to distract the user making them cast cards inappropriately. If you play against these kinds of players, calmly counter them as you wait for the right timing to deploy your trio. You might also be in trouble with the Royal Giant. Utilize the Poison Spell to deal with this beefy tank. The Skeletons can also be dropped to continuously damage to it. Drop the Valkyrie or Musketeer according to your enemys support troops. This will make your counter move far more effective.


This strategy is really one of those must try decks today. Perhaps the real challenge is trying it. If you are in Arena 6, then perhaps you are already comfortable with your Hog Cycle or Royal Giant deck. Give this one a try and lets see if its something that works for you.

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