Want to join Clash Royal Tournaments quickly? – Learn now

Want to join Clash Royal Tournaments quickly? – Learn now

Hello folks; looks all you guys are searching the ways how to join clash royal tournament as a lot of people finds it harder than usual. In this article, I decided to share the fastest way of joining a tournament in the better and easiest way. 100% success is waiting for you as I am going to share the way you can join in under less than 2 minutes. You guys will find it the simplest method than many other ways shared by other people across the internet.

I see many players complaining regarding not able to join any tournament because of having no proper method to search a tournament. In each single second, there are thousands of online players who are searching and joining tournaments. The faster you search the more chances you have to join. So, if you’re not able to join any tournament, it means you lack the quickness needed in this regard.

Tournament quick

Now, without any delay, let’s see the way how to join the tournament.

  • Open the game and find the Tournament Tab.
  • There you will see a small button used for searching, tap on it. The button can be found at the top right of the screen.
  • You will need to keep spam that button until the first tournament is displayed through yellow color. The yellow tournament is regarded the available tournament to join and possibly it would have some open slots.
  • Avoid green labels, because even they are the tournaments running currently, but you will rarely find open slots. In case some slots are open, I personally don’t like to join at all because of tight competition between other players to win the trophies.
  • A link named Tourney should be displayed, click on it and press the join button as soon as you can.
  • Step two is recommended to complete in case you can’t get into that. Rapidly repeat step 2 until you succeed.

If you can’t understand the steps above, consider watching some tutorials created by experts and available on Youtube and other video sharing sites. I already have found a video; please watch it giving us your feedback. Here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=KE40K_xHgXA. That’s simplest but effective way as far as I know. If you guys know a better method to join the tournament, don’t hesitate to let us and readers inform.

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