Witch Giant Combo to Reach Legendary Arena

Witch Giant Combo to Reach Legendary Arena

Want to counter the new Clash Royale game meta? This Witch + Giant combo will help you get through it!


If youre seeing a lot of Hogs and Royal Giants it is because of the new game meta thats taking the arena by storm. It is not there to give you a headache, it is there to give you a chance to earn more trophies! Since a lot of players are using the same cards over and over, take advantage of that opportunity by creating a counter deck against it! This Witch + Giant combo will definitely help you out!


Because of the Witchs buff last update, it is now coming back with a lot of power in her hands. Witchesare great in casting spells and doing AoE damage plus the number of Skeletons she spawn every now and then. The Giants huge HP pool will help any troops behind him to reach an enemys tower. Combined with counter troops such as Mini P.E.K.K.A against the Royal Giant and Minions + Cannonagainst the Hog Rider this will definitely help you battle against the meta and reaching the Legendary Arena!

Witch Giant Combo Deck

Witch Giant Combo to Reach Legendary Arena

Card Roles

  • Archers: Very versatile troop that can do ranged damage and are not as squishy as Spear Goblins.
  • Cannon: A cheap building card that can defend your territory against trespassers. A great card to use against Hog Riders.
  • Fireball: This spell can put a stop to high-elixir troops and pushes.
  • Giant: His main role on every deck to be a tanker.
  • Mini P.E.K.K.A: With this little robots strength, she can crush any high hp troops in a snap.
  • Minions: An additional counter card against Hog Riders and are not as expensive as the Minion Horde
  • Witch: Her ability to cast spells with AoE damage plus her Skeletons spawning capability, made her the star of this deck.
  • Zap: 2-elixir spell that can both stun and remove low HP troops within its radius.

Clash Royale Strategy

Battling the games meta with this deck is fairly easy since a lot of Clashers now use the Hog Rider and the Royal Giant. Start off by doing the usual waiting until you have full elixir and then you can start doing your push. Drop down your Giant beside your King Tower and wait for him to reach the bridge, or until youre back at full elixirs before you drop your Witch. Just in case your Witch is not yet available, you can use other cheap troops like the Archer to do a cheap push and cycle through your deck until you get your Witch card.

During the mid game, your opponent might start doing his own push. You can counter easily by placing your Cannon right at the smack of your base to lure trespassers to their doom. Use your Mini P.E.K.K.Aagainst tower locking units and spells to easily get rid of your opponents troops and push.

At the double elixir mark, now is the time to do a one last push. Remember that you can either push for just one crown win and defend all the way because your troops are mostly there to counter, or try to do two by doing another push. The decision is entirely yours to make. If you wish to have more crowns, just do the same Giant + Witch push and counter any troop coming your way or going to your base.


This deck weakness can be buildings on your opponents area. The ability to lock on to a tower by theGiant can sway him away your push and aim to a nearest building thus leaving your push to be melted away by your enemy troops. You can stop this from happening by having your Fireball handy to demolish any type of building your opponent drops.


This deck was created because of the ever-changing game meta. You always have to adapt to changes or else you will just get stuck or be put down. The strategy stays the same but of course you have to change the troops dancing on it. Asking cards from your clanmates can really help in leveling your unused cards. Remember, the cards youre not using now might be the next counter on the next meta.

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