Clash Royale Zap

Lightning zaps enemies, dealing damage inside a small radius. Reduced damage to Crown Towers

Clash Royale Zap

  • The Zap is unlockable from Arena 5 (the Spell Valley).
  • It is a area damage dealing spell that can stun enemies for a brief period of time.

  • The Zap is valuable for decimating small hordes of troops, as the Zap inflicts area damage.
  • The Zap can be also used to briefly stun enemy troops and buildings, reducing enemy DPS.
    • However, this is not recommended, since the Freeze is more effective at stunning enemies and reducing incoming damage compared to the Zap.
    • The Zap is particularly good at stopping the Prince and Dark Prince. The Zap will halt them and reset the Princes’ charges, allowing the defending player to deploy units to counter.
  • The Zap can also be used to temporarily stun Balloons from reaching your Arena Tower, giving the defending player’s troops a little more time to eliminate the Balloon.
  • Zapping units or the opposing Crown Tower can possibly change its target. For example, if an X-Bow is targeting a Tower and the player deploys a troop or building closer to the X-Bow than the Tower, zapping the X-Bow will briefly stun it, causing it to change its target.
  • The Zap can be paired with the Hog Rider to stop any cheap troops that are played to stop the Hog Rider.
  • A well placed Zap can destroy most or all of a Skeleton Army.


Clash Royale Zap Statistics

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